NASA HERC Competition

We are a group of 12 undergraduate students from the University of Michigan – Flint competing in the 2022 NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge (HERC)! Our team is composed of students from varied academic backgrounds, including the Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, and Mathematics disciplines.

This project is providing us with an opportunity to display our creativity, and to implement the knowledge and skills that we have accumulated during the course of our degree programs!

The engineering team is designing and constructing our rover from the ground up while the software team works on creating a Telemetry Collection Module (TCM) to gather and analyze rover performance metrics. Our mathematics major is working closely with the software team on data analytics, while also compiling the most efficient route for the competition using graph theory!

In lieu of the originally scheduled competition in Huntsville, AL we will be competing in a series of virtual events throughout the month of April. We will be posting updates on our social media pages as we find out when and what these events will be! Stay tuned for more!